CEO / Co-Founder


CEO / Co-Founder

About Us

OMMO London is a family-owned company established in 2017 by duo - Olena and Marta.

Having struggled to find gemstone jewellery which was to their taste, they started making their own soon realising they make a great team. Olena’s spiritual and crystal healing knowledge combined with Marta’s passion for fashion resulted in this unique brand being born.

OMMO London aims to provide a wide variety of styles to choose from, focusing on combining gemstones with silver or gold for added luxury feel and durability.

What sets OMMO London apart from other companies is every bracelet is handmade for each customer individually. This allows us to customise your bracelet and make it in the exact size required. We also offer Bespoke Design Service, where you can create your own bracelet design.

Now more than ever people are prioritising their wellbeing and turning to beneficial properties of gemstones/crystals. Healing, Spiritual and Balancing bracelets can also be beautiful. Our unique design of Chakra, Buddha and Crystal Healing Bracelets is a great example of encapsulating spiritual properties in a luxury stylish design.