Measuring your wrist

Please follow the guide below in order to determine the correct bracelet size for you. Your bracelet will be handmade once your order has been placed and we therefore want to make sure we are making it in the correct size. Once you have received your bracelet and and require the size to be adjusted, we offer bracelet resizing service at the cost of £6.99.

Using a flexible measuring tape, measure the smallest part of your wrist by holding the tape tight around your wrist – this is your wrist size.

When selecting your size from the drop down menu on our website, there are two options:

1 – ‘Your Wrist Size’ – this is where you would select your exact wrist size which you have just measured.

2 – ‘Size’ – This is the size of the bracelet itself, and is usually used in bracelets where due to design/pattern only certain sizes can be achieved.

At the checkout, there will be a section to add a note to your order. As our bracelets are handmade as each order comes in, we recomened that in this section you add your exact wrist measurement for us to be able to make sure your bracelet size is perfect.

If measuring tape is not available, you can use a piece of string or a paper strip around your wrist instead. Mark where both ends meet and then measure this distance with a ruler.

Buying for someone else

When buying a bracelet as a gift for someone, there is a sneaky way to find out their wrist size.

If they have a bracelet or a watch which fits them tight on their wrist, you can use measuring tape to measure the inside circumference of this bracelet.