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Luxury Malachite Jewellery such as Malachite Bracelets and Malachite Necklaces

What is the meaning of Malachite?

Malachite is a Powerful healing crystal especially when it comes to emotional healing.

Malachite draws out and discharges negative energies such old emotional patterns, traumas, and suppressed feelings. It helps the wearer to gain insight into the cause of these negative emotions as well as clear them.

Malachite absorbs energy instead of projecting it, which is what makes it very useful for releasing negative emotions and thoughts. However, for this reason, Malachite jewellery has to be cleaned regularly (hold it under running water or immerse it in sea salt).

Also called the stone of transformation because it’s a great tool on the path of spiritual growth. If you are feeling stuck or having problems escaping a minor depression, Malachite bracelet is perfect for you.

Malachite is also said to protect the wearer from accidents and therefore is  useful for when going on a trip or travelling.