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Explore our range of Crystal Healing Bracelets made from natural semi-precious stones and crystals. At OMMO London, we have combined the benefits of the healing powers of crystals with an attractive and elegant design.

Crystals and stones vibrate at frequencies which affects human bodies in a positive way. It is similar to being around other people, when you are around someone who’s vibrations are high and positive, it rubs off on you. While being around someone negative and miserable can easily leave you feeling down and uneasy.

Stones in our Crystal Healing Bracelets have been carefully selected for their healing properties and combined into a bracelet by a Pure Energy Healer.
Conductive metals such as Silver, Gold and Copper are used to increase the effect.

Crystals work best if they’re not left to do all the work all by themselves. The person needing the support needs to put their intentions towards their goal as where the thought goes, energy flows.

As all of our jewellery is made as we receive orders therefore all bracelets can be customised. Please contact us if you prefer your healing bracelet in different style, or if you would prefer it on an adjustable cord instead.