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Crystals and gemstones are not the only gifts from nature full of healing properties. There are many plants/trees with great benefits to the body and mind.

Tulsi wood
One of those is Tulsi, also know as Holy Basil, which is considered a sacret plant in India and is used during prayer and meditation.
Tulsi clears the aura, and its subtle smell fills the heart with sensation of the divine.
Tulsi has been classified as an adaptogenic herb by modern research, which have shown to support the body’s natural immune system while relieving the body’s negative reaction to stress.
It has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for its diverse healing properties and ability to promote longevity for many years.

Sandalwood is known to be a powerful aid to enhance meditation, increase the power of your wishes and stimulate a sense of awareness.
It is also used during meditation and is said to aid in achieving balance in life.
Sandalwood jeweller also has a beautiful smell to it.